Audiovisual Entertainment Consulting

Gryph-on (gri:fn): a fabulous, majestic beast with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. Gryphons were known for their instinct to find buried treasures and kept vigilant guard over their nests, which were made out of pure gold. On medieval buildings, Gryphons were often used as gargoyles, great stone guardians, symbolizing strength and wisdom combined in heraldry.

Gryphon Entertainment is a media management consultancy providing counsel to a wide range of international clients to improve strategy and performance within film/television production and distribution, digital media and internet, advertising and promotion, merchandising, and finance. The company advises producers, publishers, distributors, broadcasters, interactive game developers, mobile content providers, government bodies, banks, equity funds, post-production facilities, as well as talent. Gryphon Entertainment also offers editorial and research services to other consulting and media firms.

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